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A stroke or cerebral vascular accident (CVA) is a condition in which brain cells die because of a lack of oxygen. A stroke can happen to anyone at any time, but there are certain risk factors which increase the chances of a stroke. Sometimes, if suspected, these risk factors can and should be treated to reduce the chance of a stroke occurring. Some of the risk factors include high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rhythm), and carotid artery disease or stenosis (a narrowing of the carotid artery). If these conditions are diagnosed, there are treatments and medications that can reduce the risk of stroke.

The outcome following a stroke depends on which area of the brain has been affected. Some strokes can cause debilitating injuries or even death. Sometimes the effects of a stroke can be reduced if treatment is received immediately. tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) may be used and can help restore blood flow to the affected parts of the brain, but they can only be used within the first few hours immediately after an ischemic stroke has occurred. It is important to seek immediate medical attention. A stroke specialist is in the best position to determine whether tPA can be safely used and order its use in the right circumstances.

Some strokes cannot be predicted or prevented, but some can be, as long as the right tests are done and the right treatments are started. For instance, if someone has atrial fibrillation, the proper use of medication, called anticoagulants, can significantly reduce the risk of a stroke occurring. Similarly, if carotid artery disease is diagnosed, medications or even surgery can help reduce the risk of a stroke. As well, a transient ischemic attack (TIA) can be a warning sign of an increased chance of stroke. A full medical workup might help find a potential problem, which can be treated to reduce the risk of a stroke occurring.

Proper stroke prevention and stroke treatment are essential to reduce the damaging effects that strokes can cause. Sometimes even with the best treatment, a stroke can cause devastating injuries or even death. These events may, depending on the situation, be avoided or greatly reduced with appropriate medical care. Sometimes the failure to diagnose or properly treat a stroke can be medical malpractice or negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, call us for a free consultation. We will help you figure out what happened and whether the medical care met the standard required.

There are many other potential causes of acquired brain injury including trauma, infection, cardiac arrest, and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Sometimes acquired brain injury can occur despite the best medical care. Sometimes the brain injury could have been avoided or its severity reduced with timely or appropriate medical care. The medical malpractice lawyers at Neinstein LLP have investigated and prosecuted numerous acquired brain injury cases from all causes. We understand the medicine and we know the law. We can help you determine whether there is a basis for a claim and assist you in getting the compensation you need. We have the trial experience to prove it.

If your loved one has suffered and acquired brain injury following medical treatment, you should contact a lawyer immediately. We can help.

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